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New SUVs in St. John's, NL

Why choose between aesthetic details, comfort and functionality, when you can have it all with the new Ford Explorer? Every detail is hand-picked to accommodate active, ever-changing lifestyles, whether you are a sports and outdoors enthusiast, or a family with several young children. To compliment that, Ford's impressive Terrain Management System allows you to quickly shift to four different settings; matching the terrain you need to drive over at the time. Whether it's snow, grass, mud, gravel or sand, maintain control and remain safe, while exploring new land with the Explorer SUV! On top of that, the Explorer's class-exclusive safety features and versatile seating and cargo arrangements allows you to take on whatever life throws your way.

All vehicle information has been gathered from Ford Canada's Model Comparison tool. Please note that none of these assistive features should replace driver's attention or decision making control.For more information or to test drive the Ford Explorer SUV in St. John's, drop by 177 Kenmount Road or call us at 709-722-6600.

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Performance & Capability

  • Intelligent 4WD with Terrain Management System, Hill Descent control and ability to tow means that you can go so much further.
  • The Terrain Management System allows you to quickly shift to four different settings; matching the terrain you need to drive over at the time. Whether it's snow, grass, mud, gravel or sand, drive and maintain control with the Explorer SUV!
  • Available PowerFold 3rd Row Seating gives your SUV the ability to adapt to your changing needs; whether it's to accommodate passengers or transport cargo.
  • Available Hands-Free, Foot-Activated Liftgate allows you to open your trunk by lightly kicking underneath the rear bumper, with key in pocket/purse. It has never been easier, to load and unload cargo!

Impressive Safety Features

  • Class- Exclusive! Optional Inflatable Outboard Second-Row Safety Belts helps distribute crash-force energy more evenly across the body, to further support the neck and head area in the possible event of a car accident. They are also compatible with many infant/child-safety booster seats.
  • Available Safe & Smart Package gives you ultimate peace-of-mind.
  • Optional Lane-Keeping System allows your car to alert you if you accidentally drift out of your lane.
  • Available Cruise control not only sets your desired speed, but it will also let you choose the distance that you would like to keep between yourself, and the nearest car in front of you.
  • Safe and Smart Car sensors can warn you of potential collisions ahead, based on speed and distance between vehicles while driving.
New SUVs in St. John's, NL
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  • With an enhanced dynamic grille, exterior LED signature lighting, and a unique front design, even on the foggiest of days, the Explorer shines!
  • Carefully selected interior materials, accessibility and comfort were at top of mind, when creating the Explorer. Whether it's transporting kids, sports equipment, camping equipment, or whatever else life throws your way, you're ready.
  • With the Platinum model, enjoy the luxury of real wood accents, Nirvana leather, perforated and quilted seats, as well as an impressive digital instrument cluster.
  • Available quad-tip exhausts make this functional car part look sleek and sporty.

Technology & Convenience

  • Become more immersed amongst nature with the available Power Twin-Panel moonroof.
  • Stay connected with standard SYNC3, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
  • Available FordPass Connect provides Wi-Fi HotSpot potential, as well as ability to remotely lock/unlock your vehicle and locate where you parked a vehicle in a parking lot, amongst other features.
  • LCD Touchscreen options for easy-to-use accessibility to your synced phone for music, navigation and more.
  • Available front camera has split-view so you can see 180 degrees in front of your vehicle. It also has a built-in washer so you do not have to manually clean dirt or debris off the lens.
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