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Meet Some of our Bronco Customers

There's a whole world out there just waiting to be discovered. With its unquestioned toughness and durability, the Ford Bronco was built to carry outdoor enthusiasts to wherever the wilderness calls. Bronco is ready for adventure with plenty of segment-leading design and capability features, including Best-in-Class Departure and breakover, Available Best-in-Class Ground Clearance, and Available Best-in-Class Water Fording.

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The Cabot family keeps growing!

Kathy and Paul Short are now first-time Ford Buyers! They went looking for the perfect vehicle and were impressed by the knowledge and care that our sales pro Dave Green delivered with every chat. No detail was left untouched, and on the day that Kathy dropped in to pick up the keys, their gleaming new Area 51 2022 Ford Bronco Outer Banks Sasquatch Package was revved up and ready to go!

Thank you for joining the Cabot family, Kathy and Paul. We look forward to continuing to deliver exceptional care with every visit and every chat!

bronco customer kathy paul

 bronco customer paul beverly

Welcome back, Paul and Beverly!

Cabot sales veteran Jerry James has welcomed countless customers back again and again, thanks to the incredible care and attention he gives to each and every one. Paul and Beverly Griffiths will attest to that, having recently come back to Cabot in search of a new ride.

They all focused on finding something truly spectacular, and found exactly that with this Bronze Smoke 2022 Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend. It is an SUV that can handle everything our roads and trails can dish out, while still looking incredibly good!

Thank you for being in our Cabot family, Paul and Beverly. We love having you with us, and knowing you are loving your new Bronco!

Another awesome new Cabot customer!

Jordan Critch is a pretty easy-going kind of guy, but he doesn't take things lightly when it comes to picking out a vehicle. He decided to try Cabot for a top ride, and our sales pro Ryan Noftall was determined to show Jordan he made the right choice.

The two of them worked together, focusing on every detail that Jordan wanted and didn't want in a new vehicle. They found an incredible match with this astonishing Oxford White 2022 Ford Bronco Sport Outer Banks.

Thank you, Jordan, for joining the Cabot family. We are here to make sure you always look back on that as the start of many great journeys!

bronco customer jordan critch

bronco customer allan budgell

More new members of the Cabot family!

Cabot sales meister Scott Rogers has seen lots of interest generated by various Ford models over the years as they were released, but few vehicles have ever generated as much excitement as the new Broncos.

Allan Budgell is one of many who just had to check out the Broncos at Cabot. After some great chats to consider all the options, Allan was ready to drive away in this gleaming new Area 51 2022 Ford Bronco Sports Outer Banks!

Thank you for joining the Cabot family, Allan. We love that you chose us, and we will keep working hard to be the dealer of choice for the latest amazing SUVs and trucks!

And still another new Cabot customer!

Todd Harris has used his time as a Cabot sales pro to help lots of people find their perfect vehicle. Each customer is unique, and every need worth carefully considering. So, when David Deziel came to Cabot for a new vehicle, Todd was ready to make the experience a great one, working through all the possibilities before helping David find his perfect match with this stunning Shadow Black 2022 Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend.

Thank you for joining the Cabot family, David. Enjoy your new Bronco and the many roads to be explored. We'll be here for you whenever we can be of any help!

bronco customer david deziel

bronco customer ashley loveless

Another happy new Cabot customer!

Times are good for Ashley Loveless. Blue skies, blue jeans, and now an Alto Blue Metallic 2022 Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend!

Ashley came to Cabot looking for exceptional customer care and an even more exceptional vehicle. Our sales pro Scott Rogers gave his very best to make sure she would be driving away very happy with that decision.

Thank you, Ashley, for joining our amazing Cabot family. We are better because of you, and we are focused on becoming better still with every new visit. Enjoy your Bronco and the summer ahead!

Wow! Another new Cabot customer!

It is finally feeling like spring, and Cabot sales pro Todd Harris is really warming up to the steady stream of fresh faces springing up at Cabot.

Brady Adams brought in his sunny smile and high hopes for a new SUV, and after a great time working together, Todd and Brady soon found themselves basking beside Brady's brand new Shadow Black 2022 Bronco Sport!

Thank you for making our awesome Cabot family even more amazing, Brady. We appreciate your smile, your trust, and your enthusiasm. Have fun in your new Bronco, and we'll be here whenever we can be of any help!

bronco customer brady adams

bronco customer elaine craig

Welcome back, Elaine and Craig!

Cabot sales ace Scott Rogers keeps welcoming customers back to Cabot when they need a new vehicle. His attention to detail is appreciated by wonderful people like Elaine and Craig Barton, who deserve only the best customer care while making a big decision.

This time around, the Bartons were won over by this incredible Cactus Grey 2022 Ford Bronco Wildtrak. It's a machine that can open up new frontiers... and even make the old ones seem thrilling again! Thank you for being in our Cabot family, Elaine and Craig. We appreciate the trust you give us, and we are working hard to keep earning that with every visit and every ride!

Another new Cabot customer in St. John's!

The new Bronco has taken the world by storm, and our sales pro Todd Harris is never one to mind a storm. He welcomed David Woolridge to Cabot by clearing away any confusion that can come whenever a brand new model appears. Together they were able to focus on exactly the features that David wanted, and found it all in this astonishing Shadow Black 2022 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands!

Thank you for joining the Cabot family, David. Your decision to come to Cabot means the world to us, and we are working hard to make sure the level of care we provide will mean the world to you as well!

bronco customer david woolridge

bronco customer ian coady

Another new Cabot customer!

Ian Coady knows his vehicles, and he also knows exceptional customer service. He was looking for the best of both when he decided to give Cabot Ford Lincoln a shot at helping him find a new SUV, and our man Scott Rogers delivered on all counts.

Ian's gleaming new Shadow Black 2022 Ford Bronco Outer Banks is a marvel of engineering, style, and strength, and we think that that makes it a perfect match for the newest member of our Cabot family.

Thank you, Ian. We look forward to keeping you with us, and keeping you really, really happy about that!

Welcome back, Ryan and Ashley!

Cabot sales specialist Scott Rogers loves helping people solve problems and find solutions. Ask Ryan Careen and Ashley Brown and they'll agree wholeheartedly! They came to Cabot looking for a new vehicle that would be dependable, hardworking, and fun to drive, and Scott spared no effort to make sure they got all that and more with this exciting Cactus Grey 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Outer Banks.

Thank you for being in our amazing Cabot family, Ryan and Ashley. You make us smile whenever we think of you and the trust you give us with every visit. We are working hard to keep the two of you smiling about that as well!

bronco customer ryan ashley

bronco customer scott lacey

Welcome back, Scott and Lacey!

There was a chill in the air that day, but we made sure our loveable Cabot couple Scott Martin and Lacey Tapper were feeling all warmed up. Our sales ace Jerry James had poured his heart into helping Scott and Lacey find a vehicle and deal they would absolutely love, and wow, they were thrilled indeed about their gleaming new Kodiak Brown 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Outer Banks.

Thank you for being such awesome customers, Scott and Lacey. We love having you with us, and our earnest endeavour is to earn your affection all over again with every encounter!

Thank you, Brandi & Cordell!

Our sales ace Scott Rogers had the pleasure of welcoming new Cabot customer Brandi O'Keefe as well as returning customer Cordell Best recently. Scott made sure he understood what each of them wanted in a new SUV, and set to work to get them a perfect match. And wow, this Alto Blue Metallic 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Outer Banks is about as perfect as any vehicle can get... and that makes it a match indeed for Brandi and Cordell.

Thank you for being in our Cabot family, Brandi and Cordell. We love that you picked us, and we are focused on making sure you remain delighted about that as well!

bronco customer brandi cordell

bronco customer corey elizabeth

Welcome back yet again, Corey and Elizabeth!

Wow! Our sales veteran Dave Green was delighted to greet Cory and Elizabeth Courtney yet again recently, as they bought...

Their 12th vehicle from Dave!

This sparkling Race Red 2021 Ford Bronco Wildtrak is revved up and ready to handle every path they can find, and every new one they create. Corey and Elizabeth's love of life is a drive that we appreciate beyond words, and their loyalty speaks volumes of the care and concern Dave and our team bring to our customers.

Thank you, Corey and Elizabeth. We are thrilled to have you as long-time members of the Cabot family. It is so much fun to have you around!

Welcome back, Jaxsen and Gord!

The exciting spotlight here just kind of happened on its own, but hey, that's no surprise at all. Jaxsen and Gord Healey will tell you that excitement seems to just show up wherever they go in their new Bronco!

Our sales ace Scott Rogers was happy to welcome them back to Cabot when they were looking for a new ride, and it was pretty much love at first sight once they saw this Oxford White Ford Bronco Outer Banks. Thank you for being awesome members of our Cabot family, Jaxsen and Gord. We hope you're loving the new Bronco as much as we do!

bronco customer jaxsen gord

bronco customer matthew drover

Welcome back, Matthew Drover!

We were thrilled when Matthew Drover came back to Cabot in search of his next ride. As our sales pro Scott Rogers will tell you, that's always a sign that we are delivering the great customer care and exceptional vehicles people appreciate. And no doubt about it, Matthew was truly appreciating his new Area 51 2021 Bronco Sport Outer Banks. One amazing machine for one great customer!

Thank you, Matthew, for being in our Cabot family. We appreciate the trust, and look forward to keeping you with us for many rides ahead!

Another new Cabot customer!

Say hello to Cabot sales pro Jerry James, as he says hello and thank you to yet another new member of the Cabot family, Kim Palumbo! Kim was all smiles as she picked up her sparkling new Alto Blue Metallic TC 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Outer Banks. Jerry can't take all the credit for that smile, though, even if he did deliver phenomenal care to make sure she was really happy with that choice, because Kim pretty much brings smiles everywhere she goes!

Thank you again, Kim, and best wishes for all the smiles and miles ahead for you and your Bronco.

bronco customer kim palumbo

bronco customer ann fred slaney

Proud of our Cabot family.

Our sales ace Scott Rogers has welcomed countless people into the Cabot family. In this case, though, Ann and Fred Slaney were family even before they were, well, family! The Slaneys are Mom and Dad to our general manager, Cory Slaney, so by the time everything was done, they had this gleaming new 2021 Ford Bronco Sport, and we had a few new stories and laughs to share.

Thank you, Ann and Fred, for coming to Cabot and truly helping us grow our Cabot family. It was a privilege to share your great memories of the past, and give you an amazing vehicle for creating new ones going forward!

Welcome back, Vicky Trelegan!

Our sales pro Ryan Noftall recently welcomed our repeat customer Vicky Trelegan back to Cabot. Vicky was looking for a ride to handle everything from sunny days to stormy nights, and paved highways to rough backcountry.

They carefully considered all the possibilities, and this stunning Rapid Red Metallic 2021 Ford Bronco Big Bend quickly jumped out as the obvious choice! Thank you for trusting Cabot yet again for your new ride, Vicky. We love having you with us, and knowing that our Bronco will be enjoying some great adventures!

bronco customer vicky trelegan

bronco customer michael barney

Welcome back, Michael Barney!

Oh man, getting out in bad weather is no fun. Oh, wait. Actually, with the Bronco Sport Badlands, it totally is! Just ask Michael Barney. He picked up this slick new Shadow Black 2021 Bronco Sport Badlands from our sales rep Ryan Noftall, and yeah, send in those storms! The Bronco was made for days like these.

Thank you for coming back to Cabot, Michael. We are thrilled to have you in the family!

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