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Our Cabot Ford team knows what it’s like to feel the itch for something new! It happens at the end of every year, doesn’t it? We get that urge to do something different. Go somewhere new. Take a chance on an adventure.

No matter what adventure you’re dreaming of, the Bronco Sport can get you there! With capabilities that count, features that make driving fun again, and safety innovations that we’d only imagined possible a few years ago, the cutting-edge Bronco Sport is heading fearlessly into the future.


Expertly equipped to get you wherever your heart desires, the Bronco Sport SUV models all come equipped with legendary Bronco 4x4 capabilities, so you have the confidence to take on even the most challenging trails.

Standard G.O.A.T. (Goes Over Any type of Terrain) Modes allow you the control you need to feel the handling you expect. Choose from Sand, Slippery, Sport, Eco, and Normal. The Badlands model adds two additional modes: Mud/Ruts and Rock Crawl. Adjust to fit your environment and then relax in control.

Our H.O.S.S. (High-Performance, Off-Road, Stability, Suspension) System is optimized to help you maintain vehicle composure while taking on the rugged terrain ahead. Highlights include uniquely tuned front struts with hydraulic rebound stops designed to provide improved response and comfort off-road.

Your Bronco Sport interior is capable of becoming home base when you set up camp. You’ll find plenty of room for all your gear. Plus, an available Cargo Management System provides easy organization tools for all your cargo. You can even pack a little less because we’ve built in several convenient features - built-in power outlets, powerful speakers, rear floodlights, even a bottle opener tucked into the tailgate.

Don’t hold back. Venture into the wild with no worries about cleaning up afterward. The 2022 Ford Bronco has an easy to clean, durable, and rugged interior that can take hosing out any time.

You’ll find comfortable seating for five with lots of head room thanks to the safari-style roof of the 2022 Ford Bronco Sport. There’s enough room in the back to fit two bicycles! Plus, the roof-rack structure can handle up to a 150-pound load while driving with the standard steel roof.


If you want to stay connected, we’ve got you covered. SYNC 3 is our easy-to-use voice-activated technology with a capacitive 8-inch touchscreen. It’s sleek and user-friendly, and it makes connecting to all your contacts, apps, and navigation tools simple.

Forget the chargers! Our wireless charging pad is more than a convenience. It’s an expectation. It’s in the center console; just place your compatible device on the pad and know that you’ll have the charge you need when you get where you’re going.

Count on Breadcrumb Navigation to get you back to your starting point. GPS navigation drops virtual breadcrumbs along your route if you need an extra hand reaching home base. It’s a comfort to have, even if you never have to use it!

Crank it up! Our available 10-speaker B&O Sound System includes an efficient subwoofer that knows how to get your heart beating! Cue up your favorite songs and enjoy the ride! This system delivers a sonic experience not to be forgotten!


Your safety is our priority. Ford’s Co-Pilot360 Technologies provide you with driver-assist safety innovations we’ve only ever dreamed of! Using state-of-the-art research and development, Ford crafted a suite of helpful features that bolster your confidence behind the wheel. Safety features include:

    • Blind Spot Information System. Keep your eyes on the road ahead! When a vehicle enters your blind spot, we’ll alert you. There’s no second-guessing with this system on your team, keeping an “extra eye” out.

    • Lane-Keeping System. Our system will alert you to refocus if you inadvertently veer out of your lane without using your turn indicator. When seconds count, we draw your attention to what’s most important.

    • Auto High-Beam Headlamps. These headlamps detect ambient light and modulate between high and low beams accordingly.

These are only a small sampling of the many ways we’ve implemented features to keep you safe on highways and off-roading. Ask your sales team member to walk you through the different safety features on the model in which you’re most interested.

About Us

Our Cabot Ford team understands those end-of-the-year itches. It’s time to get out and explore. Set your sights on a new journey, and hit the road!

Visit us on Kenmount Road to get a good look at the Bronco Sport. It’s the cure to what ails you! With the capability to help you go where you’ve always wanted but never dared, features that are fun to explore, and safety innovations that make you a more confident driver, the Bronco Sport is what you’re looking for. Come see it today!

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