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You’re in the market for a new vehicle. As you’re checking out the numerous options you have available, you begin to wonder if it is time to make the switch - to become a little more environmentally friendly and purchase an electric car.

The team at Cabot Ford Lincoln is here to help. Our staff proudly serves St. Johns and the surrounding area, and we are happy to educate you on our selection of electric vehicles and help you decide whether or not it is a good fit for you. Let’s take a look at some things to consider.


Do you have a long commute? Do you travel often for your job? Or does your life primarily consist of short drives in and around the community in which you live? The battery-powered nature of an electric car naturally creates a shorter range. It is important to consider this when you’re thinking about an electric car.

Most of these cars are designed to go a maximum of 280 miles - and sometimes as few as 100 miles - on a single charge, depending on the make and model. Naturally, this can make for an annoyance if you need to travel long distances. Electric cars also lose far more range than gas-powered cars in adverse conditions like cold weather. Range extenders and backup battery packs do exist to extend the length of one charge, but they typically only add between 20-40 more miles.

If everything in your life and routine is within close proximity, then an electric car is a great fit. If you commute and travel frequently, this may not be an efficient option.

Fill-Up Time

In conjunction with the limited range, “refueling” an electric car isn’t as fast a process as the two minutes it takes to refill a traditional gas tank. Some electric cars charge in as little as 20 minutes, while some take as long as six or seven hours, depending on the type of car.

The amount of time it takes your vehicle to recharge depends on the type of charger it uses, as well as the type of outlet in your car. This can cause an inconvenience if you need to get somewhere fast and your battery does not have sufficient life to get you there.

It is also worth looking into to see whether public charging stations are available around you. Chargers are often located in public parking garages, dealerships, and even on some streets, but are usually limited to urban and suburban areas. Look around your city for available charging stations before purchasing.


Another plus to purchasing an electric car is that you will likely save money on maintenance and repairs. Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts and require significantly less upkeep than your typical engine in a gas-powered car. If you worry about the upkeep of your vehicle, then an electric car may be a good option to help you save money in the long run.

That’s not to say that electric vehicles are free of any maintenance at all. Batteries tend to lose some of their charging capability around the 80,000-mile mark, and replacing one can be expensive, depending on the type of battery required. But overall, an electric vehicle mitigates the risk of engine issues and other wear and tear you might otherwise have with a traditional car.

Value and Resale Value

Should you buy an electric vehicle or lease it? Luxury electric vehicles can range near or over $100,000, and leasing can offer cheaper monthly payments and a short-term relationship with the car.

Resale value is also something to consider. How much can you get for your electric vehicle when you want to trade it in and get something newer? How does it depreciate compared to traditional cars?

Cabot Ford Lincoln Can Help

As you can see, whether or not an electric vehicle will save you money largely depends on your lifestyle and your interests. It can be a good fit for someone who lives in close proximity to their job and does not travel often. Long commutes outside of your metropolitan area and frequent travel can limit the efficiency of using an electric vehicle.

Our staff at Cabot Ford Lincoln is happy to help you figure out whether or not an electric vehicle is a good option for you. We happily serve St. Johns and the surrounding area. We offer a selection of new and pre-owned electric vehicles and can steer you toward a suitable model. Stop by our dealership to look around, or visit for more information.

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