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You’re driving along in a wonderful mood - until you notice a warning light on your dash. Some drivers continue, hoping it will go away or doesn't mean anything. We don't want you to ignore your warning lights! Cabot Ford Lincoln in St. John’s is here to help. Call our service center to schedule a time to bring the car in as soon as possible.

A warning light is not always bad news. It might be an easy fix. However, the light is your vehicle's computer system's way of telling you something isn't right. If it's an engine problem, ignoring the warning alert can lead to more damage. And some warning lights indicate a safety issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

Our technicians hook up a diagnostic tool to determine what is setting the warning light off. Typically, we can determine the reason right away and let you know what needs to be repaired or adjusted.

We've put together some general information on what a warning light might mean to help you understand the importance of having it checked out.

Brake System Warning Light

The ABS manages the anti-lock brakes in your vehicle. The ABS brake warning light might indicate that your brake fluid is low. However, whatever the reason for the light, something is preventing your brakes from working correctly. Your brake pads may be worn down, or a faulty sensor might be the problem.

Most importantly, it could mean your brakes cannot lock your wheels to stop the vehicle. This is a hazardous situation. Brake light warnings should be taken seriously and looked into immediately.

Check Engine Light is On

A check engine light can mean a multitude of things. Most car manufacturers use different color settings to indicate the seriousness of engine trouble. When the engine light is amber, it usually means the problem is minor, and the vehicle is safe to drive home but still needs checking out soon. If you ignore the amber warning light, the situation may worsen and lead to more extensive repairs.

The check engine light might mean your oil pressure or levels are low. Oil is critical to the functioning of your engine. Running out of oil can destroy it, which is another reason to have this checked out.

Other reasons for the engine light might be related to the fuel system. Your injectors may need cleaning or a fuel filter replaced, for example. It might be an inexpensive and quick fix, but ignoring it can lead to trouble. When the vehicle's computer senses something is not working correctly with the fuel system, the light illuminates for your benefit. The car needs to be checked out in this case as soon as possible.

Sometimes, engine lights are the result of an emission systems problem. When you bring the vehicle to Cabot Ford Lincoln, we can figure that out and advise you what to do.

Another benefit of bringing the vehicle to us is that we reset the light after the repair. Imagine how much better you'll feel with the vehicle fixed and no more engine light worries!

Airbag Warning Light

The airbag warning alert can be telling you there is something wrong with either the airbags or seatbelts. Both of these things are essential for your safety in the event of an accident. It's recommended to pull over right away when this warning light appears. Contact our service department in this situation as well.

The danger to you and your passengers is significant if you are in a wreck and the airbags don't deploy. The same is true if the seatbelts fail. In this case, ignoring the warning light might lead to a life-threatening situation. Please don't ignore this warning light!

Low Fuel Warning Light

Obviously, the low fuel light means you need to gas up soon. Some people drive for as long as possible with the fuel light illuminated. We understand - no one likes spending time at a gas station! However, we recommend you don't run your vehicle on a near-empty tank consistently.

It isn't good for it because there is usually sediment at the bottom of your tank. When you continue to drive near empty, that sediment is pulled into your fuel system. That can cause the need for repairs or a system cleanout down the road.

It's also not exactly a safe practice. If you get stuck in traffic, you may run out of fuel. The best advice is to get fuel when your car says it needs it.

If the fuel light is coming on and you recently filled up, something is not working correctly. A low fuel light on a nearly full tank is not something to ignore. The vehicle should be checked out soon.

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