2021 Ford Ranger

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Ford engineers set a gruelling test regimen to prepare the new Ford Ranger for the demands of all-terrain travel. Durability trials on roads so punishing that robots were called in to do the driving. Days of constant shaking in the lab to help identify and eliminate squeaks and rattles and to tune suspension parts and body mounts for durability and performance. Towing heavy loads for hours up steep grades at 37.8 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit). And brutal traversing under heart-pounding, bone-jarring off-road conditions. The new Ford Ranger. It's more than up to the challenge of taking on your toughest test.


The 2021 Ford Ranger is perfectly at home on typical everyday paved roads. But going from mild to wild where smooth pavement comes to an end -- now we're talking Ranger territory. With its high-strength steel frame, steel frame-mounted bumpers, off-road chassis components and EcoBoost® power, every Ranger is bred for adventure. And for the serious all-terrain enthusiast, there's the Ranger outfitted with all the must-have features in the FX4 Off-Road Package.

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Great design conveys more than just a vehicle's appearance. It says just as much about a vehicle's capability. From its dynamic twin power dome hood and wide grille to its rounded wheel arches and high ground clearance, the Ford Ranger says this is a pickup engineered for solid all-terrain performance. Enjoy the ride, from the moment you leave for your adventure in the great outdoors until you've arrived. The 2021 Ford Ranger.


High-strength steel frame, steel frame-mounted bumpers and potent EcoBoost® torque give the 2021 Ford Ranger outstanding all-terrain capability. The Ranger body shape says serious off-road performance as well. Approach, departure and break-over angle are all designed to enable Ranger to climb hills and clear obstacles.

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Advanced technology provides an added measure of control, on or off the road. The available Terrain Management System™ (included in the FX4 Off-Road Package) has four selectable drive modes. Choose Normal, Grass/Gravel/Snow, Mud/Ruts or Sand. The system, shifting on the fly, automatically calibrates engine responsiveness, transmission gearing and vehicle control systems to provide the optimum traction, drivability and performance.


Travelling on tough off-road terrain can be anything but predictable. What starts out as a level patch of dry dirt can instantly become a stretch of rutted mud. That's where the available electronic-locking rear differential (included in the FX4 Off-Road Package) comes into play. When activated, it locks the rear axle completely to optimize traction at both wheels simultaneously, improving off-road performance when the situation requires it.

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Raw torque rules when you're powering up, over and through rugged all-terrain conditions. And the 2021 Ford Ranger with its potent 2.3L EcoBoost® engine and class-exclusive 10-speed transmission beats other gas-powered pickups with the best gas torque in its class at 310 lb.-ft.


The 2021 Ford Ranger is engineered with the toughness to take you on off-road adventures that few other vehicles can. And there's much more to this pickup from Ford. The Ranger brings confidence and enjoyment to the driving experience, courtesy of its impressive array of available technologies -- from Ford Co-Pilot360™ driver-assist features, to voice-activated SYNC® 3 and FordPass Connect™, to the outstanding performance of the B&O™ Sound System by Bang & Olufsen.

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